Recording Audio Stories

How to Record Audio Stories

1. Call the Denver Story Trek phone number: (303) 562- 2407

2. Press 0, followed by the # key.

3. Clearly speak into the receiver and tell your story.

Evaluating Audio Personal Stories

Purpose: To identify and set the criteria for determining the quality and usefulness of a personal story for the Denver Story Trek project.

1. The storyteller should clearly identify their name and their relation to the historical site at the beginning of each story.

2. The recorded stories should be about a historic site or place that is relevant to Denver’s history.

3. All recorded stories should be approximately two minutes, to keep the listener informed yet still attentive.

4. The storyteller should include an address or intersection of the site they are recording about.

Determining the quality of the speaker
1. The speaker should convey a personal experience that they remember, such as a significant event that occurred there, or routine visits to the site from their childhood, etc.
-Try to avoid stories that the speaker heard from a third party.

2. The speaker should not have ulterior motives that they are trying to pursue through their audio stories.
-Does the speaker draw unfounded conclusions or make speculations?
-Is there an obvious political, religious or moral bias?

3. The objective of the personal stories segment in the Denver Story Trek program is to provide a human perspective to the site. Does the story possess that essence?

Determining the quality of the story
1. Recordings should be clear-voiced subject against a quiet background, without obtrusive sounds.

Determining the significance of the historical site
1. Described buildings should be older than twenty-five years.

2. There should be an appropriate and relevant link between the site mentioned and the sites/people presented in the Denver Story Trek program.
-Can the site be grouped into one of the established treks, without an elaborate attempt?

3. The site should be geographically appropriate to the scope of Denver Story Trek, meaning the place exists within Denver.

4. The mentioned place should have public access, even if that access is limited to just visually viewing the site from the street.