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Take a spin around Cheesman Park, a one-time cemetery transformed into a park between 1898 and 1910, making it an important piece of the city’s landmark park system fostered by Mayor Speer beginning in 1904.

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Story Site #12 Cheesman Park

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Oral History #212 told by Dennis Gallagher

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Walter Cheesman, Boettcher, Marean & Norton, Governor's Residence


The audio story of this park says when the idea blossomed to make it a park, someone was hired to move the unclaimed persons buried there but they fired him because he was caught placing more than one person in a grave at the new place and “no one was hired to finish the work” and “folklore says there is still a few graves under the park”.

I’d say it must be more than “folklore” since they never hired anyone new to complete the work.

over 8 years ago, beverly_chapes

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